The Walsall Group of The Ramblers

Staffordshire Area

About our walks programme

The Walsall Group publishes programmes twice a year, a Summer programme covering April to September and a Winter programme covering October to March

Our primary Walks Programme provides two different types of walking experiences throughout the programme’s six-monthly period.

Main Walks are generally 8 to 10 miles (in winter) or 12 miles (in summer) and may tackle tough terrain.

Leisurely Walks are up to 7.5 miles and are taken at a slightly slower (more leisurely) pace.

We run one of these alternately each weekend throughout the year, usually on Sunday but occasionally on Saturday.  Around Christmas there may be more substantial changes.

We also have a Fortnightly Short Saturday Walks Programme throughout the year with walks of 4 to 5 miles for those who either are new to walking or have perhaps not walked for a while. These are designed to gently encourage potential new members to try us out in a safe and friendly atmosphere. These walks are generally held within about 30 minutes of travelling time from Walsall itself.

In the Summer period we also have monthly mid-week walks.  These take place Tuesday to Friday and are similar to main walks.  However to avoid traffic congestion the walks are normally north of Walsall.  There may be a mid-week walk in October but it will be printed on the Summer programme.  All the mid-week daytime walks are printed on the Saturday Short walks programme.

There are also summer evening walks.  These are of similar length to the Saturday Short Walks but the pace is brisker to ensure that we get back to thestart in daylight.

All of the above walks will have been checked out by our Walk Leaders ahead of the actual date on the programme, so there shouldn’t be any unforeseen issues ‘on the day’.

Finally we have some Super Walks in the summer which are further away than our other walk offerings, hence we do them in the summer when daylight is longer. These are not always pre-walked and there are opportunities for members to hone their map reading skills by assisting the leaders on the walk itself.

Walks are graded as Easy, Moderate or Strenuous.  Easy walks are more likely to be Leisurely than Easy in terms of the national grading system and anyone planning to bring a push-chair or anything similar should check with the leader beforehand.

The short Saturday walks are morning walks and walkers will only need drinks and a snack.  Leisurely walks usually finish early afternoon and other walks mid-afternoon and walkers will need drinks, a mid-morning snack and a packed lunch.

The programme also indicates whether the walk is planned to include a visit to a public house.  This is not guaranteed to happen on the day.  If there is a visit, it will not necessarily be at lunch-time and may not be until the end of the walk, and it will only be long enough for drinks, not a full meal.

The locations shown on the programme are to give an idea of the area of the walk without following the link or using the map widget and do not necessarily mean the walk will start at or pass through the place named.

The Walsall Group encourages car-sharing and the normal practice is to meet at a rendezvous in Walsall to share cars to the start of the walk.  The meeting points are:

  • Aldridge CC - Aldridge Community Centre Car Park, Middlemore Lane, Aldridge WS9 8AN.
  • Arboretum - Grange Car Park, Broadway North, Walsall WS1 2QB (Opposite Lincoln Road.  Not the theatre car park).  Subject to conflicting events.
  • B'ham St - Car park on N side of Birmingham Street, Walsall WS1 2ND, above Blue Coat Secondary Academy.
  • Daw End Ln - Car park opposite McDonald's in Daw End Lane, Rushall, Walsall WS4 1JP.
  • Oak Park - Oak Park Leisure Centre, Walsall Wood, Walsall WS9 9NP.  Lichfield Road (old) entrance by KFC.

Anyone planning to travel direct to the start of a walk must contact the leader beforehand to confirm the start arrangements.

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Group News

***************** CHAIRMAN'S RESIGNATION *****************

Following the committee meeting held on Thursday 1st June

Kevin Wilcox has resigned as Chairman.

He felt that he was not getting sufficient support from the majority of the committee, regarding his grave concerns over the data protection act and its implications for the Walsall Walking Festival that was cancelled Two Months ago.

As Vice Chair, I will now take up the position of Acting Chair until the A.G.M. in November.

These changes should not affect the running of the club, and I hope you will all enjoy the walks we have planned on the walking programme.

Peter Turner

Acting Chair

5 June 2018


The committee wish to apologise for the printing errors on the Summer programme to the three people whose names are incorrect.

There will be a summer evening walk on Wednesday July 11th.  See the 'Saturday and Summer Evening Walks' page for details.

We're now on Twitter.  Follow @walsallramblers.  The GDPR makes this more important. 

The Ramblers Roadshow is coming to Shrewsbury on Saturday June 9th (and Oxford on Saturday June 30th). Follow this link to find out more.

We are taking  bookings for this year's coach trip.  It will be on Sunday September 16th and the destination will be Cambridge.  Tickets will be £13.  Passengers will have the option of spending the whole day in the city or being dropped off at Harlton for a 7-mile walk in through Haslingfield and Grantchester.  Honey sandwiches are optional.

Saturday, June 23, 2018